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Issues- "Funding the Police"

The biggest issue facing the city of Minneapolis right now, is public safety. Especially because of the importance public safety plays in other aspects that help the city progress. From job creation to revenue intake, public safety is the one component that must be present to achieve success. My stance on the issue of public safety is not to "defund the police", but rather increase funding for the police. 


Housing is a top issue that also needs immediate attention. The encampments are not suitable for homeless to live, and they need to be provided a better option. The parks are for the public and to access and paid for by public. The cost of housing is so high, and property taxes to match, action is required to combat the rising cost of both. Equal housing is an issue we all want, the current model is something I look forward to working on with other council members. I will be advocating for affordable housing development, preservation, and the improvement of tenant rights in Minneapolis through education, advocacy, and public policy reform. Affordable housing continues to be an increasingly important issue for Minneapolis residents and voters.


Education is so valuable, and a good education is a right all should have no question. Critical Race Theory is a "hot" topic right now and I can tell you I do not agree with it or it being taught. The cost of a good education is so high, I want to collaborate with other members to reduce that cost. If budgets get decrease regarding the police, those funds should be redirected to education, and no where else.

Public safety, housing, and education aren't the only issues facing our city, but they are some of the most important ones. If you want to hear my stance on other issues, click on the "contact" button on the bottom of the page and either myself, or a staff member will contact you!


Let us not forget what the city looked like under that current council. These pictures are a reminder of exactly why we need new members on the council. If you are a democrat, stay a democrat, but vote Republican. 

Committee to Elect Ken Salway
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